August 1, 2013

Yoga Inspiration & Challenge

While I begin my journey back to the yoga life, sometimes I get stuck and need a little inspiration. 
The first video is of Briohny Smyth, one that I found some time ago. I can only hope to be able to have that much control over my body one day. Although I do believe that with dedication I can get there. 
The second video is of Meghan Currie. I just found this video today and I truly appreciate her take on yoga as art. The music, scenery, and movements of her body are captivating.

These videos inspired me to take on a little challenge that Free People suggested for one of their "Saturday DO" posts; 5 Sun Salutations each day, for 30 days. I'm going to change it up and make it one week (I'll be giving myself other challenges for the upcoming weeks) and add one minute of headstands. 
Ready, go! 
Or should I say namaste. 

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